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Spherule (Android Wear Game)

Android Wear

One of the most popular ball maze puzzle games is now available for Android Wear. Guide one, two or three balls through a series of challenging mazes in 3D depth and through a series of obstacles to reach their checkpoints. Can you beat the designer's time?Now with over 50 levels of gameplay, new obstacles such as bouncy walls, teleport portals and trigger pads; the best way to kill time on your watch. Updates are regular, with new levels and features every coming month.
Features:- Camera panning allowing bigger levels on the small watches- Camera level zoom allowing multiple balls with large levels.- Optimized for circular and square smartwatches.- Simple and easy to use interface.- New levels and challenges with every update.- 3D platforms taking the regular labyrinth to a whole new level of challenges.
We are happy to hear any requests and suggestions that you like to see in the game, we will try to provide as soon as possible.